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We work in the greater Seattle area, assisting clients with their bamboo issues. Please call us - 206.724.1977

We are different than many contractors, we do all the work ourselves. We do not hire employees. Bamboo extraction is both labor intensive and requires skill and attention to detail. Because of this we can fully guarantee our work; if any bamboo returns in the future, we remove it for free - forever.

Seattle Bamboo Sales

In order to plant bamboo effectively there must be room on all sides and ends to maintain the grove. Please consider reading our articles on planting and containment.

We sometimes have viable and mature bamboo plants to sell, let us know if you are interested.

Call us at 206.724.1977

Seattle Bamboo is licensed by the State of Washington to solve bamboo problems, bonded to assure the work gets done as agreed, and fully insured to work on your property. Our state license number is SEATTB*913ML


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We answer bamboo questions with honest answers that assist you with the issues you may have, not answers that promote profit for our company.

Or call us at 206.724.1977