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Bamboo removal is process that involves the removal of the visible plants and as many rhizomes under the soil as possible. Reasons for removal usually involve stands or groves that were not planted correctly, where the barrier has failed, or where the bamboo has not been maintained or has become invasive to neighbors or other areas of your garden.

that are necessary for proper removal are sharp and usually heavy and awkward. Most "home" removal efforts result in future problems that can be quite difficult to mitigate. Once a grove is "attacked" it will "fight back".

We use what many call a bamboo slammer, a heavy shovel, and a long pointed, heavy bar. We also use a reciprocating saw with long, sharpened blades. If there is evidence of prior work done to kill or smother the bamboo we may even have to use heavy equipment. Smothering bamboo, poisoning it, trying to starve it, bury it, or dry it out DOES NOT work.

Bamboo is a hearty, robust plant and can send shoots to find water and nutrients in other places on your and your neighbor's property. One of our recent clients called them ‘escapees’. There is energy stored in the rhizomes, and bamboo is able to photosynthesize with a minimum of light, even under concrete. Irate neighbors have been known to sue for damage to their property from bamboo rhizomes that have traveled onto their property. It is important to have State licensed, bonded, and insured workers remove bamboo, just like any other professional service.

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