Bamboo Removal

Seattle Bamboo solves bamboo problems all year long. We remove bamboo all year including winter, please let us know if we can assist you in your bamboo project or help you solve any problems.

Bamboo Care and Maintenance

There are many things that can be accomplished in the winter and spring to care for and maintain bamboo groves. These include:

1. Isolating barriers to make sure the bamboo rhizomes do not go over the top or through the overlap.

2. Thinning. Thinning allows new growth to emerge from the grove in the spring.

3. Removal. Removing bamboo in the winter has its own challenges, but we do so in order to be able to take care of more clients throughout the year.

4. Fertilizing.

5. Killing Bamboo. It seems that many think killing the bamboo is the solution to their bamboo problems. It is not really an answer as bamboo cannot be killed using any traditional method regardless of what you read on the internet or see in a YouTube video. Home Depot even suggests you use a potent chemical in a way the manufacturer (and the USDA) warn against. There is no chemical that is known to man that will kill rhizomes and when you 'attack' the plant, the plant responds with additional rhizome growth, deeper and farther away from the grove and away from where the poison was applied.

Cutting it down and covering it with plastic does not work, rhizomes again will expend energy traveling out from under the plastic.

The only way to solve a problem bamboo grove is to remove it. Usually this means by hand as heavy equipment can create more problems in the future.

Seattle Bamboo

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