Thinning Bamboo

bamboo seattle

bamboo seattle

bamboo seattle

Bamboo rhizomes expend energy to push new shoots up through the earth to access sunlight for photosynthesis. If the bamboo grove is overcrowded the rhizomes will expend energy to find new territory, meaning they will "run" to new areas of your garden, under concrete and asphalt, onto neighboring properties. The only bamboo that is "invasive" is bamboo that is not properly and loving maintained.

You can help make your grove happy where it is and feed Woodland Park Zoo animals!

Seattle Bamboo is providing the thinnings from your Seattle bamboo groves for the zoo's feeding programs. The thinning of your grove can give the bamboo the space it needs to propagate without invading your and your neighbor's property and feed the animals!

All of your clean and pesticide free bamboo thinnings and prunings will be delivered to the zoo throughout the year.

Spring and Fall Thinning

If you have a grove of bamboo on your property and it has NOT been thinned, you NEED this service. One of the ways to "contain" bamboo is to keep it very happy where you want it. Thinning the grove allows for light to penetrate the canopy, enables new growth to sprout within the grove, and keeps mite and other pest problems to a minimum.

Seattle Bamboo is the main supplier of bamboo for animal feeding experiences for zoo visitors at the Woodland Park Zoo.

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